Fasssprache Tasting Set
Fasssprache Tasting Set
Fasssprache Tasting Set


Fasssprache Tasting Set

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Discover the world of barrel storage!

  • Tasting set with video
  • 3 year old rum from Trinidad with 15 different barrel finishes
  • 16 samples of 2cl each
  • 45% alcohol content (vol. %)
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In the world of barrel storage, we use oak almost exclusively.

Over 99% of the rum and whisky is based on this great wood. A distinction is made between American and French oak, whether and how the barrel was previously used, etc.

We asked ourselves:

  • What about all the other woods?
  • What does walnut taste like?
  • What about ash?
  • What exactly is the difference between the different types of oak?


So we had 15 different barrels built, all from pure, different types of wood.

We let the same base rum mature in the barrels for 6 months under the same conditions in order to be able to determine the difference in taste in a direct comparison.

We have bottled the results in small bottles and made them available to you in a tasting set.

You will be accompanied by video by Nicolas Kröger and Markus Eder. You will learn everything about the different types of wood and their use, as well as the respective advantages and disadvantages when processing and storing in barrels.

Simply everything to better understand the topic of wood & barrel.


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