Wagemut PX-Cask
Wagemut PX-Cask


Wagemut PX-Cask

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Our flagship!

  • Barbados Rum
  • Aged for 10 years
  • 3 months finish in freshly emptied PX sherry casks
  • 40.3% alcohol content (vol. %)

Our flagship

The customer demands sweet, smooth rum varieties for pure enjoyment. Many lovers of other spirits categories are also switching to rum because they have found its sweetness appealing.

But we at Wagemut don't like what's going on: information on the labels is fake, sugar is added to make the rum seem softer and older, and the age stated often has nothing to do with reality.

Authenticity is very important to us

Since we have nothing to hide, we disclose all information:
The rum from Barbados was previously allowed to mature for 10 years in oak barrels (former bourbon barrels) in Barbados. We then mature the rum in our barrel warehouse in Germany for a further 3 months in former, freshly emptied PX sherry barrels.

PX stands for Pedro Ximenez - the sweetest of all sherry styles, which is made from raisins. Thanks to a special license, we are one of the few companies in the world that are allowed to import sherry in large containers from Spain. This means that we are able to fill the barrels with sherry before filling them with rum, thus regenerating them. The barrel is now filled with rum while it is still completely damp from being stored in sherry.

This makes a significant difference in the quality of our barrel storage – OK, we also accidentally forgot some sherry in the barrel 😉.