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Wagemut Members Club
Wagemut Members Club
Wagemut Members Club


Wagemut Members Club

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Become part of the Wagemut family!

  • One year membership in the Wagemut Members Club
  • Automatically renews every year (cancellation possible without notice)
  • One bottle each of Wagemut PX-Cask, SCC Members Only and Wagemut Special Edition
  • Access to Wagemut Member Events

You never have to worry about getting hold of one of our highly sought-after bottlings again, as we will send them to you automatically and free of charge.

  • Delivery 1 - Delivery in early February (or whenever you have completed your membership): One bottle of Members Only SCC Bottling 2024 & a bottle PX Cask
  • Delivery #2 - Delivery end of November: A bottle of the WAGEMUT special bottling 2024
  • Access to WAGEMUT Member Event - Summer party on June 1st at the WAGEMUT production facility in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein
  • Exclusive pre-sale of all other Wagemut products that will be released throughout the year!

Your membership will now be automatically renewed without any complications. If you decide to cancel your membership (for reasons I cannot explain), you can do so at any time with the push of a button. We have no contractual obligations - we only bind you to us with our good quality and even better community.

Details about the Wagemut Members Club - What you can expect:

A bottle of the WAGEMUT special bottling 2024
An idea from Nicolas' head, captured in a bottle - something you've definitely never tasted before. Rum reimagined: complex & intense, yet accessible with a pleasant sweetness.

A bottle of the Members Only SCC bottling 2024
Delivery 1 - beginning of February: A real punch, right in the face. The best that the rum world has to offer and just right for all nerds. Rum that leaves a tattoo of flavors on the tongue. A single barrel, bottled untouched at cask strength. This bottling is only available to WAGEMUT members and will never be sold to the general public!

A bottle of PX-Cask
Delivery 1 - beginning of February: The basic equipment of every decently run household and the basis for a good marriage. The tipple that you pour for friends who naively believe that they don't like rum.

Access to the WAGEMUT Member Event: The Summer Festival on June 1, 2024
We invite you to our production facility! And when you come to visit us, we don't do things by halves! After all, we are spirits producers and have a reputation to lose!

Of course there will be something good to eat. But the liquid supply is much more exciting: you can drink directly from our barrels! Let's be honest: there is no better way to enjoy your rum! In addition, many of our customers give away the stuff we produce for them. As a special highlight, this year we are even flying in our bar team from our Wagemut Kavalierbar from Vienna so that you can also get great drinks served.

I can tell you one thing from my experience of the first Wagemut Summer Festival in 2023: It will be a fun-filled affair!

All in all, the rum you receive with your membership is worth over €200. There are no shipping costs - we're covering them. The entire summer party is also on us. Value: this experience is priceless!

As a member, you always have priority for all other bottlings that we release and are therefore guaranteed to never miss a bottling.
So I can tell you with a clear conscience that our membership offers you a great deal of added value.

I look forward to welcoming you personally in June.

Your Nicolas