Wagemut Special Edition 2023


Wagemut Special Edition 2023

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Our best bottling in 2023!

  • Barbados Rum
  • Aged for 16 years
  • 1 year finish in maple syrup barrels from Canada
  • 51.7% alcohol content (vol. %)

Since 2021, we have been releasing a special edition of Wagemut every year.

No two bottlings are the same and will always remain unique. After the last two successful years, we have come up with something very special for you this year:

A magnificent 15-year-old Barbados rum was aged for an additional year in freshly emptied maple syrup barrels that we imported directly from Canada. 

The result is really ripe. Beautiful, well-integrated ester notes with an incredible walnut note - but not that bitter stuff, just a really nice smelling nut. 

The wood: perfectly integrated. Incredibly deep, but not at all musty. And then this very slight sweetness from the maple warmth. 

But be careful! The stuff is not sweetened - only the remaining maple that was taken out of the wood tames the cask strength of 51.7% vol. and makes the whole thing so beautifully round, smooth and complex.