Mizunara Eiche & Rum: Wagemut Colorado

Mizunara oak & rum: Wagemut Colorado

Wood is magic. The more special the wood, the more fascinating the experience. The Japanese Mizunara oak is not only outrageously expensive - it also has a lot to offer.

When you enter our barrel warehouse, something happens to you. Even people who have nothing to do with spirits or wood are a little bit enchanted by the energy in the room. Fascinated by the barrels and what they do to you.


Even though I love each of my barrels, cuddle them regularly and read them stories at night, there are still differences. I admit it: I love some of my babies more than others... Something you should never say as a parent, but it's true.

One of the barrels that I particularly like is the Japanese Mizunara oak. I first experienced it properly in my project Fasssprache, where this exotic wood really stood out. The decorative wood is incredibly difficult to work with because the trunks are twisted. So getting a straight stave for the barrel is not that easy. This is one of the reasons for the almost absurd price of over €4,000 net per 250-litre barrel! Barrels made of French oak, for example, cost only a fifth of the price - and they are also of enormous quality.


But fortunately, the Mizunara oak is not only special in terms of price: its chemical properties are also phenomenal: the wood has a very high lactone content, which imparts a beautiful, exotic coconut note to the distillate.


We have taken advantage of this property to enhance the characteristics of Barbados rum: if you smell closely, many rums from Barbados also have a light coconut note.


Our Barbados rum was allowed to mature for up to 18 years before being lightly sweetened and brought to perfection with Madagascar vanilla pods from the Mizunara oak.


The result is a beautiful symphony: a hint of coconut meets vanilla, paired with the intense wood notes from years of maturation, rounded off by a pleasant, oily sweetness.
The Colorado bottling is part of our new series "Wagemut Aficionado Collection", which was created in collaboration with our friend and cigar nerd Reinhard Pohorec. The idea was to create the perfect accompaniment to the cigar. Even though we succeeded very well in this, I don't want to put too much emphasis on the cigar, as the rum speaks for itself.


Oh, how wonderful! What a privilege I have to have access to such special barrels. I hope you enjoy these unique experience! 

Welcome to the top league of barrel aging!



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